Faux Fur Deluxe

This coat.


This is the coat i’ve had my eye on for ages and ages and ages.  I like the style, the fabric used, and the composition of the coat.  Yes, it’s from River Island, a favorite of mine. 

I get paid a week tomorrow, and i’m going to try and buy online for fashion.  I’ve done it before for books, but never had the guts to do it for clothes, just because.  My mum, looking over my shoulder saw it, and immediately began a faux fur speech that Churchill or Martin Luther King would be proud of, whereas I immediately began thinking of what dresses I can wear it, with which shoes it partners with, and also what bags.

It’s a gorgeous faux fur coat that can last me for now and for future Autumn/Winter seasons as well.  It is a smart navy as well, a bonus, lighter than black and more sophisticated I think than colour spectrum or greys, whites, or khaki. 

This coat is a everlasting coat.  It says faux fur on tjlhe label.  I’ve done my research, and i’m fully satisfied it is faux fur.  I’m purchasing this piece and will walk through the Quarry listening to Snow Patrol 😉 



Eau De Telford

I stepped foot into Telford’s Primark on a Saturday at half eleven.  I survived, and I lived to get the dress.

I got the dress George showed me last week in Birmingham, and the only one left was my size.  Could it be a sign?  Good timing?  Someone had mixed it up with the tops in the mens department where I spotted it.  Either way I got a new very pretty dress to twirl around Shrewsbury in and do cross stitch.


Observing my new dress I instantly knew I needed some matching shoes.  I’ve never been keen on Primarni shoes, so went to a trustworthy fave of mine – Dorothy Perkins, where I spotted THE SHOES in the window and nearly knocked over a faux model or two to reach them.  I had to have them because they tap into the everlasting print trend which I adore and have a cut out on one side – a homage to modern tailored.


New shoes – tick.  New dress – tick.


My perfume is still full and i’m still in awe of my River Island bag I got the other month.  In other words – no bags took my liking.  So I headed to Waterstones and while mooching at books in the classic section, and spying some Linda la Plante I spotted the word – perfume.

Part of me thought wow make your own perfume – grown up George’s Marvellous Medicine, but perfume perhaps, you never know!  It wasn’t sadly, but it is an intriguing account from a Parisian fragrance writer.  I’m hooked already even though im putting down for Eurovision – Come on Bonnie Tyler!!!!!!


Now to label my new threads before Eurovision…

Lucy xxx

Dresses You CAN Wear All Year Round

My chest of drawers consists of shift dresses (smart dresses as some High Street shops like to name them now), compiled into sections – top draw for current weather / season, and bottom draw for next weather / season.

Currently, due to the great British climate, i’m wearing my dresses with medium denier tights, my legs are warm and not cold like my mum constantly keeps going on about. If I was wearing natural tan tights, then yes, i’d agree, but seriously, i’m wearing like a mini knitted cardigan, but with sleeves for my legs instead of my arms…

Shift dresses are the perfect tailored dress to me, because one dress can easily carry you from one event to another, they can cross all style borders, smart/casual and smart/occasion. My collection of dresses do this for me, I easily pick a pair of my shoes and choose which tight denier is appropriate. Simples.

I get my shift dresses from a number of shops, mainly Debenhams and House Of Fraser. I can get all my favourite brands in one go, and also pop into River Island and Miss Selfridge, whichever is next door.

These dresses i’ve so got my eye on, come the summer sales i’ll be heading to straight to my nearest, biggest House of Fraser.






After I get all my shift/smart/day dresses I need, i’ll head to Coast, my favourite brand for occasion wear,

Lucy xx

Meetup In Wolves

Lucy and I met up in Wolves today for the first time since December! We planned to meet at two, but Lucy’s train had signalling problems around Wellington (I say it was probably stolen cables), and I had to go buy some electric (6 pence left on the meter, all the emergency used up), so we were both a few minutes late. We met at Beattie’s clock, which is a clock on an island outside a department store now bought out by House of Fraser.

We went into Costa (I have a points card), and both got lattes YUM and Lucy gave me my birthday present. HOUSE!


House, every season EVARRRR

We had a bit of rude and lewd conversation, as usual, about nothing in particular, talked about Michael J. Fox, Dick Van Dyke and Lucy’s nan, then we decided to move round the corner for food.

SUBWAY (I have a card)!

Then we went round town, and Lucy was umm-ing and argh-ing over what new handbag to get (not my area).

Back to River Island, to look again at said bags, she gave me a choice. I told her to buy this one –


As you can tell, by the evening we resigned ourselves to the pub. Hog’s Head being pub of choice, a callback to uni days.

And here’s what I drank.


That’s Goldschlager and Red Bull, with a side of Toffee Apple cider.

Then we went to Asda. For mini cheddars and hummus.

That’s my autocorrect, I like to spell it hommous. But hey.

2013 Trend Guide – Lucy

Whilst indulging in my copy of Elle magazine and looking at all the 2013 trend previews, two caught my eye.  The first was a section explaining that this year was a print extravaganza, so the 2013 fashion antidote is simple chic focussing on cut and simple details.  Put your high street look alike Mary Katrantzou dress away in a protective costume cover, and focus on plain simple chic pieces i.e. suits from Next, Warehouse and Dorothy Perkins with accessories from Zara and Whistles, not NDubz inspired bling from New Look and Rihanna diva earrings from TopShop.

Next it focused on film inspired coming soon to a shopping centre /Asos near you, and my fave is The Great Gatsby trend, glamour splendor.  For this, simply keep your Christmas outfits, sequin dresses, clutches and metallic heels, and maybe nip to River Island or Forever21 if you want to do a Marilyn punk star look.  A flapper dress with leather jacket, instead of the usual strictly ballroom flapper dress with woollen tweed coat. 

Addtionally, after looking at all the gorgeous dresses of the year, I turned to the Elle front cover star dresses, from Gaga and McQueen in January, to Diaz and Chanel this December.  My favorite has to be JessieJ in Giles Deacon, the dress IS to me splendor and simply cut, chic.  To me this is the only dress I would POSSIBLY PERHAPS wear with … dare I type it … flats.  I’ll definitely try to find a high street twin to this dress.

I love Christmas, because we all know the sales are coming closer and closer, like the Daleks from Doctor Who coming up the stairs.

Happy Christmas everyone!

Lucy xx

Mum, You Stick With Twiggy, Yeah? No Offence . . . But . . .

When taking a break from the direct.gov job – site (which seems to take ages to upload new jobs sometimes), I looked at the new arrivals at River Island online.
Immediately, I go to the shoes section, and indulged in window shopping all the new heels.  Whilst I was doing this, my mum was peeping over my shoulder and making outrageous comments like ‘Ooo them ones are like bondage, they look minging!’  ‘They happen to be black and cream two tone heels’, I replied. 

‘You read my Elle and Company mags, they are classic chic style for this time of year, for work wear summer season’ I told her, feeling like i’m in a episode of Law and Order UK, and making my opinion the right one and correct one.

I’ll remind her of this next time she looks at the gladiator sandals in M&S and says ‘They suit me dont they’ and legs to the counter.  I’ll reply ‘Reminds me of them gorgeous RI shoes that you incorrectly labelled ‘minging’ and ‘bondage’.  RI IS COOL and CHIC. 

Mum, you get me the RI print dress, and ill forgive you.  Deal breaker, I think ;D 

Lucy xx

Cocktails And Courts: Gearing up for Graduation

I worked out today while job hunting and selecting my music library to go on random that it is now 4 weeks till graduation, and I have the perfect shoes, but I can’t work out which dress to choose!  I have a number of cocktail dresses, and its so hard to choose.

My shoes, which are in the form of courts (which are not stilettos for a change to be smart and simple, the reason being the high heel version didn’t have my size), are a rosy pink shade and have got a gorgeous (fake, obviously) diamond at the front.  They’re very Kate Middleton style, from reliable Debenhams in Manchester, where I discovered I fitted a 6 and half shoe rather than my normal 5 and a half like im used to having.

As Georgina will tell you, me in a shoe department is like a kid in a sweet shop, and I was so tempted to get the navy, silver, and red versions, but no, I stood my ground and went with the delicate rose pink shade because, basically, I dont have enough pink shades in my opinion.


I have a white and black dress with a floral print and a rose and black dress, both from H&M 2 years ago, additionally I have a Coast dress that is like mythical woodland, slightly more grown up Alice in Wonderland with the greens, golds and chestnut brown.  My classic timeless little black dress (which has made an appearance in an earlier entry with the bull companion lol) and finally my cream and black dress from Selfridges in Birmingham.  That is my cocktail collection, and each one WILL match my courts.

I adore trends but sometimes it’s fun to make your own individual trend work, using Elle, Vogue and Harper as moodboards, taking out images you like best, and creating YOUR trend.

My touches will be my white pearl earrings, my dice eyebrow bar and River Island bag I got for my birthday.  DEFINITE.  Maybe thats what my trend is, it’s a not – matching – not – going – together – right trend, delicacy from the shoes the bag and earrings with the dark harshness of the LBD, or the mythical Alice Coast dress.

Lucy Xx