#RBGF The Perils Of Living Away From The Home Stand

Today has been an emotional day for me.  Not your traditional type of emotional day though.

Today was the day that the football team I support played the team of the city I live in.

This has never happened before for a league game.  Wolves got awfully relegated last year to the lowest i’d ever seen them, and this gave me a chance to do some manly bonding with friends in that lovely mocking way, as Wolves played away to Shrewsbury.  How unladylike 😀

I can’t travel to see Shrewsbury play any more. It’s very expensive to catch a train from Wolverhampton whilst on a low income.  I haven’t seen them since they had the playoffs for promotion at Stoke’s ground, probanly ten years or so ago.  I rely on Twitter and Facebook, as I did today.  Except today was different.

Today, I was being fed news from the AWAY fans.  I only know one other Shrewsbury fan.  With Brits being gluttons for punishment, most of my friends grew up as Telford fans.  Or glory hunters.  You know the type.

I was robbed for my team supporting Stonewall’s #RBGF, footballers wearing rainbow laces in support of gay footballers.  I question why Wolves didn’t.  I hear that a statement released what that they are supporting the anti – racism in football movement.  Maybe they think this covers them?

It seemed a pleasant game.  That was, until a handball was called and a red card given.  Facebook suddenly looked confused.  Why so harsh a penalty?  This was later cleared up on Twitter. 

Shrewsbury lost.  I’m used to it.  I’m glad we only conceded one goal though, as some Wolves fans still seem to be convinced they are worthy of a Premiership place.  They need to see that even though they’re not that shit, they’re also just not that good 🙂



My Summer List

Now that summer is embracing us, I thought i’d share with you my list i’m determined to do over the summer period.

1.) To be a reclusive reader more often and indulge again in my vast book collection.  For instance, The Perfume Lover by Denyse Beaulieu is one that I enormously recommend.  I promised myself I would re – read all my Helen Dunmore books like Morning Ruby, and I have already broken that promise twice over the last couple of months.  Maybe read my mum’s books that are that bricks of literature, thick and hard, full of emotion, I am especially caught by her Phillipa Gregory literary entourage and Elizabeth Chadwick posse.
2.) Draw more, more, and further more, either in the mornings before I set off on the pale pavement to work or afterwards for a few hours.  It’s the most therapeutic activity (second after cross-stitching) that emphasises my creative formula, bringing together odd and radical objects.  To just sketch and see where it leads me, or go to Shrewsbury library to get inspiration from the non – fiction section on subjects such as mechanics to famous places and statues.
3.) To get my vast number of favorite shoes reheeled!!!!!  MUST DO!!!  I hate when an adored fave pair gets scratched, or the tap (yes, tap, not tip – the tip is the TOP!) of the heel is turning diagonal.  I must go to the different shoe cobblers in Shrewsbury and get quotes on how much it will cost.  I hereby promise myself to have my gorgeous shoes reheeled by end of summer.  Furthermore, I will give them a spring clean with cleaning wipes or similar to make them glisten once more.
4.) Go out more, and not let being in work the next day put me off!  I wanna party, and party with a cocktail in each hand wearing a dynamite dress.
5.) Empty out my money pot of change each month for my ISA.
6.) Stay on top of my avante – garde chic style, on my days off wear a outfit that makes me stand out for individual style, showcase each of my dresses each day.
7.) Invest in evening bags, I realised I have not many compared to my vast day collection.
8.) Walk up Lyth Hill more – man its a work out, trust me!
Lucy xxx

Simple Stroll Through Shrewsbury

Yesterday, I walked from Shrewsbury train station to my home in Bayston Hill, which is a good hour and half walk.

I’d recommend it to anyone and everyone.  It struck me that it is a great way to sight-see (yes, I probably sound like a presenter from a holiday show from back in the day).   I am lucky, Shrewsbury is a combination of old and new, constructed well.  Walk past some modern buildings for shops and homes, and before you know it you walk into a row of houses that could easily fit into Last Of The Summer Wine, or into the Beatrix Potter film set.
My favorite bit was walking past an old Victorian – era school that still draws enormous enrolment, and it reminded me of Heywood Park School, the first school I ever attended.
I wish i’d taken pics, but my battery was low from listening to Nina (Simone), Ella (Fitzgerald) and Louis (Armstrong) on my playlist.  Yes, I was singing out loud to Summertime, the stunning duet by Louis and Ella  (download it now – you will never ever ever tire of it) walking through Belle Vue.
This gave me artistic inspiration, and I plan to walk the same way tomorrow on my day off, but take pics in negative mode.  I want to see how vibrant it be and take avant – garde shots, as well make believe I am Shrewsbury’s answer to Andy Warhol!
I’ll be doing this in my summer dresses and denim jacket because summer is finally here!  Get your dresses and ya legs out and confidently parade down any pavement and pretend you are in your favorite film!
I may do the Sound Of Music, due to the stunning park in Shrewsbury.  The Quarry has a similar runway to when Julie Andrews runs up that hill.
Lucy xxx

Eau De Telford

I stepped foot into Telford’s Primark on a Saturday at half eleven.  I survived, and I lived to get the dress.

I got the dress George showed me last week in Birmingham, and the only one left was my size.  Could it be a sign?  Good timing?  Someone had mixed it up with the tops in the mens department where I spotted it.  Either way I got a new very pretty dress to twirl around Shrewsbury in and do cross stitch.


Observing my new dress I instantly knew I needed some matching shoes.  I’ve never been keen on Primarni shoes, so went to a trustworthy fave of mine – Dorothy Perkins, where I spotted THE SHOES in the window and nearly knocked over a faux model or two to reach them.  I had to have them because they tap into the everlasting print trend which I adore and have a cut out on one side – a homage to modern tailored.


New shoes – tick.  New dress – tick.


My perfume is still full and i’m still in awe of my River Island bag I got the other month.  In other words – no bags took my liking.  So I headed to Waterstones and while mooching at books in the classic section, and spying some Linda la Plante I spotted the word – perfume.

Part of me thought wow make your own perfume – grown up George’s Marvellous Medicine, but perfume perhaps, you never know!  It wasn’t sadly, but it is an intriguing account from a Parisian fragrance writer.  I’m hooked already even though im putting down for Eurovision – Come on Bonnie Tyler!!!!!!


Now to label my new threads before Eurovision…

Lucy xxx

New Year’s Eve Style At Work

This year I worked the New Year’s eve shift, and boy did I witness some outfits! Some I wish I had images to illustrate, and some thank god I don’t!

LBDs I saw a lot, some from Topshop and some from New Look, drenched in faux pearls and gold with high heels. Saw the odd jumpsuit, mostly navy and black but there was a really smart printed one, Laura Ashley would be proud of was. I was going to ask where it was from, but the customer was bit too ‘giddy’, shall we say!

Lads let themselves down in my opinion. I saw the odd few Made In Chelsea lookalikes, all suited up, but then as per usual the Lacoste polo shirts came in their thousands, teamed with jeans. Topman and Topshop did well this party season in Shrewsbury, along with Telford’s Primark.

Rumour has it that Primark wants resisdence in Shrewsbury. The up side i see to this is that Dorothy Perkins would be empty for me!

Lucy x

Meetup In Shrewsbury

Today, Lucy and I met up in Shrewsbury for Christmas!

We didn’t take many photos, or even actually DO much, but this is what we ate!


Lucy's dinner


My dinner

I love Shrewsbury, not only as it was my place of birth, and not only for the sights of a historic, fortified major town, but along for these handy pieces of advice dotted around –


The sign

We went to Wetherspoons, exchanged gifts, had dindins then pottered round town a bit. Then it was time to go home.

Highlight of the day? Knocking over my empty coffee cup into the lap of the man sitting next to me, and seeing his face as he was expecting to be burnt. HAHAHAHAHAHA oh, so not fair.