Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum

My friend Mystic put in an order a few weeks ago for our new minor obsession – Korean cosmetics. For each full size item, they sent at least one sample. So a few of these came to me.

I don’t have a photo of all the things she sent me. There was many things.

This is one such thing –


Innisfree The Green tea Seed Serum.


From Shop At Korea

Product Description !

This nutrient-moisturizing serum creates a dewy and clear complexion as the seed ingredients harvested from the organic green tea gardens in Jeju island intensively hold onto skin moisture and the natural hydrating betaine ingredients promote moisture synthesis within skin layers. 

There was enough in this sample to last three days, so I got a good go at sampling it over a small period of time.

It was really nice to put on, it was absorbed very quickly and seemed to add an extra level of non – sweaty moisture to my face. I like serums, of the few (two) I have tried they have been more beneficial than they have been hassle. I noticed a bit of a scent, I can’t quite place it. Some others have said it is citrusy, but i’m not sure…

I did notice over the days I used it, I did not break out. It was certainly good for the moisturising properties, but some sites are selling it £16 for 80ml, and this is not the kind of price range I am used to shopping in. If I could find it for less, I would be tempted.

Marks lost for price, but aces product.


Another Parcel From Kitty

So, last week I received another parcel from Kitty. It arrived on the 8th, but I haven’t been able to blog about it properly until today as work, study, and life just seems to have taken me over this week.

I had bought some of Kitty’s unwanted Memebox items off her. If you don’t know what Memebox is, go clicky linky and take a look. It’s like a non – subscription form of a subscription box from Korea, and it usually contains the most adorable things you could imagine. Or, just really useful stuff. Go look!

I did not photo the outside of the packaging. Nobody needs to know my address. But this was the box inside –


One of her repurposed Memeboxes 😀

I had bought a few things, maybe six, seven things, so when I opened the box –


– it looked pretty full!

I have seen a lot of people talk about these Shara Shara sheet masks, so I am excited to try one. It was a nice surprise as I hadn’t bought one from her!


There are sheet masks, a clay mask, eye creams, a lip tint, lip essences, eyeliners, a primer, more eyeliner, a small roller of perfume, and some miniatures.

I had asked for the perfume for Lucy’s Christmas present, but I gave it to her Wednesday in Maccys. Because.

I hope to review almost all of these, so there’s plenty more posts to come! Oh dear! I’m getting a few too many lip products now!

Hopefully Lucy will review her perfume, when she isn’t busy setting up her amazing new cross stitch chart business. We are both businesswomen now!


Tiny Pamper Session

Today was a miserable day, weather wise. I set out to work at 08.40 in the cold, and came back at just before 17.00 in the rain. So, I decided i’d eat some scones with jam (no cream, it went off so I had to throw it away), and declared the day ‘face pack day’.

This was the choice –


Montagne Jeunesse Ultra Deep Cleansing Masque

It came out really thick, parts of it as if it was made of chunks of chocolate. It went on pretty thick, with enough left over for my neck too. It smelled like white chocolate, but in the same way as the Options hot chocolate, a gentle smell rather than a strong, overpowering one.

I left it on for the set time. It dried and cracked, pulled a little as usual, but no itching or burning. Great!

When it came to taking it off, it was pretty difficult. I started with makeup remover pads, quickly moving on to a damp towel, as the mask was not budging. I had to scrub quite hard, which felt a bit harsh as the masque had made my skin soft.

Once it had been removed, I had a look and my face looked much smoother and pores slightly less noticeable. It did not, however, fix the massive spot near the edge of my jawbone. I did not expect it would.

This masque did make my skin feel soft tovthe touch, but a bit dry and tight. I followed it up with this for moisturising –


Caudalie Divine Oil

I will do a proper review on the Caudalie later.

My face feels (and kind of looks) lovely now. But we shall see tomorrow if my face objects to this combination of products. So far so good!

Skincare Routine


A skincare routine is still a novel thing for me. I’ve been a ‘wash my face in the shower’ kinda girl for years, partly due to a lack of money, a little to do with not knowing, and a lot to do with hatred for cheap, smeary, sweaty moisturisers.

Recently, though, this has changed. I can’t go into my thirties with the same routine I had when I was five. So i’ve tried a few things, and heard a lot more, and when this was in Asda for 50p, I had to take the chance –


Witch Anti – Blemish Beauty Balm (BBcream).

I love it. It doesn’t make me look orange. It covers up the uneven bits of my face without completely wiping out all contours or making me look like i’m a plastic doll. It moisturises, and other than the time I used the pawpaw peel – off mask, this has stood all tests for about a month now.

Except for when it’s really hot and i’m wearing my glasses. Sometimes it causes the bridge of my glasses to have a smear of colour.

In addition to this, picked this up for £3 –


Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

I’m not sure if it’s meant to foam. Sometimes it feels like it does, most of the time it doesn’t. I heard about micellar water over a year ago, but it was being made by really expensive brands. This was on offer, as per my usual decision making requirement.

It’s supposed to be good for 200 uses. I’ve been using it twice a day, morning and night, and i’d say i’ve used it probably 50 times or so. I’m probably a third of the way through it. Sometimes I know i’m using too much though, and spilling a bit down the sink. I should probably be more careful!

So that’s my VERY simple routine. It works for now, bit i’ll probably have to find something new when the Witch runs out. I think it is being discontinued.