May Day Weekend Results

It’s May Day weekend! Well, actually, it’s May Day itself now, a Bank Holiday, which means nothing because I am not working. Other than the fact that the bank is taking a day longer to clear my tax refund.

So, to recap this weekend. On Friday, I spent the WHOLE DAY refreshing my emails for the last possible day the mark for TMA03 could be sent through. By late afternoon, I was actually rationing my refresh rate to once per quarter hour, as my brain was genuinely going crazy…

I even had the OU website open with StudentHome up so I could refresh the page that my results got posted to. Then, just after 10pm, I saw my mark had appeared on the website!

I was so happy, I got exactly the same mark as I did last time! I’m not sure how the marks were split between the essay and the plan, but if it was weighted fairly, then 33.3%r would be for the plan, leaving 66.6%r for the essay. If this was the case, I believe I did quite poorly for the plan, but made up for it on the essay itself. I’M SO HAPPY! I had started to worry a bit.

I’ve worked out that under the OU marking guide, i’m at a 2.1, which is the lowest I need to reasonably succeed in getting a job placement or training. I’m good with this, but want to push for those extra marks! I really need some work experience now though.

Next Wednesday, I start my teaching assistant course. I imagine lots of paperwork and formalities for the first session.


Next Year’s Options

This message has recently popped up on my StudentHome page –

You’ll be able to select and enrol on modules starting in October 2013 from 21st March 2013. Between now and then you may like to spend some time browsing the modules you’d like to study this year.

Exciting! It doesn’t even feel like i’m near the end of the first year, having started one module in September / October and one in January / February, so the idea of choosing again so soon makes me feel like I have accomplished so much already!

I’m still checking my emails, nearly hourly, for my W100 TMA01 marks. I do wish they’d hurry!

A Tutor For W100

I had a quick nosey round the Open University site earlier. I’m waiting to see if I have been allocated a tutor for W100. Turns out I have HOORAY!

My tutorials start on February the 2nd, and there’s another on the 9th. They’re being held at Wolverhampton University. It’s got lots of buildings though, I wonder which one it’ll be held in? At least I can walk to this one from my house. Part of the reason I haven’t attended the tutorials for DD101 is because of distance, which cost between £6 and £8 depending on if they’re in Telford or Shrewsbury. I could go to the ones in Birmingham, but again, that’s about £4, and as i’m soon going to be laid off from work, even that will become unaffordable.

My next TMA (TMA04) is due a week tomorrow, so I think I should go and study now. This TMA isn’t holding my attention at all, something about comparing media something something.

At least I have done my tax return for my business though. Tax doesn’t have to be taxing, as the advert says!

My Learning Materials Have Arrived!

I was informed on my way home from work on Tuesday, that during the day, I had received a package.  As the OU StudentHome page said my learning materials had been sent, that is what I assumed the parcel to be.

And I was right!


See?  Box.  I’ve covered my address with a pen, and the pen also adds scale.  It was the only thing I could find at the time.

This is what I found inside –


Three learning companions, two MAHOOSIVE textbooks, two boxes of audio and DVD discs, an assignment booklet, and some stuff not in the photo, which includes my student loan forms, a module calendar and some one page documents.

This is only a 60 credit module, something you would usually study in, say, four months or so, on a full time university course.  This is a lot of reading!  Also, I took a photo of the textbooks, again with the pen for reference.


I haven’t actually looked at how many pages there are in the books, but these are some pretty hefty books.  Saying that though, I also took a picture of the audio and DVD discs –


Twelve discs, two I believe are DVDs, the other ten are audio.

I’ve got lots of work coming up!  Even if it only reading . . .