First Marks For Law

I received my marks for W100 TMA01 on Friday, the Introduction To Law module. Very exciting!

I got what I would describe as a ‘solid B’ in A Level terms, and i’m so happy with my mark! It’s my highest score so far in this degree, and now i’m much more comfortable with the rest of the module, knowing what I need to do to get the mark I did. Lots of positive feedback came too, and also a few comments on my GODDAMN REFERENCING and also sticking to word count for each section. I hit word count, within the ten percent, for the whole essay, but it was mentioned I should have stuck to the recommended count for eeach section too (I was under on one, but made it up on another).


TMA01 Submitted, TMA05 Started

After rehearsal last week, I did indeed sit down and write up TMA01 for W100. I wish I hadn’t left it so damn long, but I was comfortable with the ‘write in your own words’, ‘answer these questions’ and ‘summarise’ format, along with the 900 word limit. I think I hit just over 850, so within the ten percent zone, and I completed it in under two hours. The subject was Section 6 of the colloquially named ‘Public Disorder Act’, collective trespass. A new thing for me, as I have never looked at trespass law. Never felt a need to, as trespass is like a weed in a garden. A weed is only a weed if you don’t want it there and it annoys you, and a person is also only a trespasser if they’re annoying you. I’m essentially trespassing on Asda properly every day, but as long as i’m not causing trouble, they seem to leave me alone. Yes, i’m crap at similies and metaphors.

Tonight, i’m starting TMA05 for DD101. It’s in the format of a report, on ‘the disputed role of expert knowledge in understanding and managing risk’. I have to start the reading, but i’m also planning as I go along. So I know what goes under each heading.

It’s Due In… TOMORROW?!

Ok, so I was looking through my assignments online, and thought ID read the date wrong. W100 TMA01 is due in on the 22nd!?

Oh gosh, I better get writing then! Thankfully, the combination of ‘Explain this in your own words’, ‘Answer these Questions’, and ‘Explain the powers to remove trespassers’, combined with a word count of 900 words makes this a very easy task. In fact, i’ve already done question one on paper.

So when I come back from band practice, I suppose i’ll be busy!

Email Received – Marked Assignment!

Woo! I have a marked assignment!  As the title may suggest, I received an email telling me my assignment had been marked!

I went onto the OU StudentHome website, and my mark was there.  I then went to download my essay so I could see the annotations.  Just like school!

To comply with OU guidelines, I cannot really post my mark or quote my tutor’s comments, but I can say my mark is around a B, and I only referenced one thing wrong.  I hate Harvard.  Stupid Harvard.

So, yay!

TMA01 Submitted!

I have finally, after my lengthy extension, submitted my first essay, TMA01. My tutor was away for the last week, so he said I could submit it at the weekend, as he wouldn’t be around to pick it up until then anyway.

After finding the transcripts of the DVD in the alternative formats section of StudentHome, and reading through them to remember what I had seen, I started my essay. The 750 word one.  It took two hours in total, which I think is good going. I’m not sure I rushed it, given that I did a 1500 word essay in four hours for Wolverhampton Uni and got a high B grade for it.

I’m bothered about my mark, naturally, but with it being only 5% of my final mark for the year, i’m not going to die if I get 30% or 40%, I think 30% is the minimum pass mark. I can’t see me getting less than that really!

I have also ‘left’ the Facebook group for DD101 module. I found that the group was not adding anything to my studies, and I was sick to the back teeth of updates from people saying ‘I’ve started reading the new book LOLZ’.

Extension, And Lots Of Work

Work has really took it’s toll recently. I had a cold that started in mid October, and only went away at the start of the week. I have now got another one, that started up Wednesday and fully hit yesterday.

My first TMA was due in on Monday this week, but working twelve hour shifts and doing a craft fair really screwed up my week, I had planned to write up my essay following the tutorial, but when it came to it, I was only left with Thursday, Friday and Saturday to do it in. My computer wasn’t playing ball on Thursday and took multiple attempts to fire up, so I stopped in frustration. I emailed my tutor asking for an extension, who finally got back to me on the Monday (so I was worried the whole weekend), and he said it was fine. He is off to York this week, so I am to send it to him next weekend. I’m fine with that, as W has rehearsal on Tuesday so i’ll have an empty house and quiet to concentrate in. Even if it isn’t finished, i’ll go back to work on Wednesday, possibly Thursday, then will have Friday and Saturday to finish it. I don’t see how i’ll have much to do after a few hours of work on Tuesday night though, it IS only 750 words, about two pages. The referencing will take longer than the essay!

Then it’s onto TMA02. A bit longer, with an essay plan, but much easier, as we’re to work from textbooks for that one!

Tutorial, and a return to the Motherland

Yesterday was my first tutorial with the Open University.  It was also my first trip to my birthplace for the best part of three years or so, so I was quite excited to go, do some learning, meet people, and then walk round with my friend, drink coffee and shop. It was due to take place from 10.30 to 14.30.

I don’t feel my day was quite as positive as that, however. I had already enquired as to whether I could attend the Birmingham tutorials, but decided against it based on my tutor being in Shrewsbury that day, and meeting up with Lucy afterwards.

After spending £8.80 on the train ticket, I found a friend on Facebook saying there were signalling problems, cable theft and a freight train refusing to move all within 5 miles of the station. I did manage to get a train, however. One that had come in late, delayed for over half an hour.


We went through the village where I grew up.


It was a very foggy day.

When I got to Shrewsbury, I found the place no problem. I saw two different rooms on the information screen using the abbreviation OU, so I went to check them both out. As I was looking into the one room, which was locked with the lights off, someone informed me it was the wrong one. Then I found the right one.

We started with an introductory round, which i’m never that keen on, and then we were informed we were to go into the town and perform a small exercise to help us see the world as social scientists. The less said about this, maybe, the better.

After an hour and a half, we were all back, and we reported back on what we had found. There were two tutors there, one sociology and one geography (historical geography to be accurate). They were talking in their own terms, which was fine, and nearly all the group were combined social science students, but with this first TMA I am finding myself thinking ‘but how does this work for criminology?’

The truth is – it doesn’t. It’s a very general module that all social science students appear to take. I knew this when I saw it, but it doesn’t make it any less frustrating.

We then spent about an hour and a half going over Harvard referencing. Now, I’m not keen on the technicalities of referencing, but I see it’s importance, and I understand it. I have to remind myself, it’s an open course, open to everyone, and some people will not have come across this before.

I think I’ll be attending the next tutorial in Birmingham, to see if that is any more helpful to me personally.

Have some more pictures.