So i’ve got TMA02 marked and returned. I’ve found that there’s a second part to the TMA marking though, a whole filled – out form done by my tutor, a more in depth analysis!

So I checked my mark first. It was VERY GOOD, especially for something I was a bit worried about. Then I checked TMA01 for the additional information, and then TMA02. Very useful, and it seems my tutor really likes my ‘linking sentences’! Well, I didn’t know that’s how I wrote, it just happens like that! Glad it’s good though…


Marked Assignment!

On my way home from work today, I checked my emails as I usually do.  And my essay has been marked!  Already!

Again, I cannot give exact marks or quote tutor comments, but I got a ‘C’.  I’d have got a higher mark, but comments reflect that I may have put a few too many opinions in my essay, which I can’t really argue with.  I need to rely more on the text, and find references for things that I generally believe are true.  I’m still happy with the mark though, as it’s still good!

TMA02 Submitted!

It may be nearly half past midnight, but i’ve just submitted TMA02.  Completed, with plan. This one was 1250 words, with a plan (one page).

I didn’t exceed the word count by more than ten percent, but I was VERY close!  I wasn’t so keen on the subject matter, being briefly ‘Consumer society is divided society – explain’.

It’s late, and I have work in the morning (seven hours, up in five), so I’ll see you later. I need bed!

TMA02 / Life Conflict

My second TMA is due in on the 26th.  On Monday.  But my lovely job, lovely, fun, seasonal, no known end date job has decided to call me on over the weekend.  The exact days I was planning on finishing my essay.  So i’ve again asked for an extension.  Thankfully, my tutor is a very understanding GODSEND and has granted an extension of a week.  So, I can finish and send it off.  Hopefully BEFORE the Monday!

I must say, i’ve found TMA02 a bit harder than TMA01, only because I’ve actually had to PLAN it!