DD101 – TMA04 Marked

My half – arsed attempt at TMA04 has been marked. I emailed my tutor last night as the two week deadline for marking had passed, and it had also been two weeks since submission, and it occurred to me he may not have received it. He emailed back this morning saying he had received it, and it would be marked soon.

This afternoon, I saw the email. Marked assignment. Ooh, I wonder which one?

It was the one I had emailed about. The mark was still nearly a pass though… only five marks off!

Quite chuffed at that really, but I should get substitution still.

Must work harder on the remaining ones, as I want my average score a bit higher than it is. I’d like to get some more marks in the 70% plus region. Not enough of those.

Still waiting on my mark for W100 TMA01.


TMA04 Submitted, But Not Completely…

So I submitted TMA04, a compare and contrast essay of Stuart Cohen’s and Steven Hall’s views on the role of the media with regards to social disorder and moral panic. I didn’t complete it, I sent in about 400 of the 1500 word limit, so I qualify for substitution.

The problem wasn’t so much the word count, but finding relevant information on Hall’s views. There wasn’t much written about him, which was a bit annoying. I’ve already had a week’s extension on it, and I tried. I tried a few times. But I just could not find the information. So I won’t get any kind of mark for this.

I also got told today i’m not on the rota for work next week, so there’s a possibility i’m being made redundant on Saturday, my last day at work.

This week hasn’t been a great start to being 25.

Behind Schedule (And Ahead Of It Too)

I am behind with DD101 again. A week behind. I feel like I lost a week somewhere, and with W100 books arriving, I haven’t been able to submit TMA04 on time. I have an extension, nut it’s still not holding my interest. I think this one is going to be my substitution TMA…

On the plus side, I have been working through my exercises in Block 1 of W100. It’s very interesting so far, and the first TMA looks like a piece of cake.

I didn’t attend any W100 tutorials. Though they’re held right around the corner, I just couldn’t get up for either of them. Annoying, but that’s just how it happened sadly.

I have until Monday to submit TMA04. I will send something, even if it’s not complete.

A Tutor For W100

I had a quick nosey round the Open University site earlier. I’m waiting to see if I have been allocated a tutor for W100. Turns out I have HOORAY!

My tutorials start on February the 2nd, and there’s another on the 9th. They’re being held at Wolverhampton University. It’s got lots of buildings though, I wonder which one it’ll be held in? At least I can walk to this one from my house. Part of the reason I haven’t attended the tutorials for DD101 is because of distance, which cost between £6 and £8 depending on if they’re in Telford or Shrewsbury. I could go to the ones in Birmingham, but again, that’s about £4, and as i’m soon going to be laid off from work, even that will become unaffordable.

My next TMA (TMA04) is due a week tomorrow, so I think I should go and study now. This TMA isn’t holding my attention at all, something about comparing media something something.

At least I have done my tax return for my business though. Tax doesn’t have to be taxing, as the advert says!