A Phonecall From My Tutor

I received, as the post title may suggest, a phonecall from my tutor earlier this evening. Regarding the email I sent him a few days back about the mark he gave me for TMA05.

It turns out that the guide asked for a report. Which I knew. However, my report was, effectively, not ‘reporty enough’ so to speak. He said, had it been an essay, I could have easily been given 65/70 marks. But the guide asked for a report, and I handed in a glorified essay. The glorified essay bit was his words, which is fair enough.

Was nice of him to phone. He’s having a nice week, and isn’t snowed in, bearing mind he lives in Powys, that’s a bit of a miracle.


DD101 Marked Assignment!

I was emailing my W100 tutor today, to ask for an extension over the weekend so I could edit my TMA (to make it fit the word count), and as I checked that had been granted I noticed another email in my inbox – marked assignment!

I always get so excited over marked assignments, towards the end of the fortnight, I start to check my emails at least once an hour!

It wasn’t the mark i’d hoped for, but the comments are all positive. I’m a bit confused, to be honest. At least it’s not a fail…

TMA05 Submitted For DD101

I have just submitted TMA05. I have also just finished writing it too. This time, I spread the writing over three days, though I usually like to write them all in one go. It left me each time thinking about what I could write next, which was a little annoying. Hopefully I can get a higher mark for the one than the last one, as it’s actually complete!

I found this one a bit tricky, as I was destined to go over the word count by a LONG way, I could see this about halfway through. I had to delete some unnecessary phrases and condense some stuff down so I could fit in a conclusion, which has ended up being quite thin. It’s still a valid conclusion though.

Let’s look at TMA06… Ooh, I get to choose what to write about!

TMA01 Submitted, TMA05 Started

After rehearsal last week, I did indeed sit down and write up TMA01 for W100. I wish I hadn’t left it so damn long, but I was comfortable with the ‘write in your own words’, ‘answer these questions’ and ‘summarise’ format, along with the 900 word limit. I think I hit just over 850, so within the ten percent zone, and I completed it in under two hours. The subject was Section 6 of the colloquially named ‘Public Disorder Act’, collective trespass. A new thing for me, as I have never looked at trespass law. Never felt a need to, as trespass is like a weed in a garden. A weed is only a weed if you don’t want it there and it annoys you, and a person is also only a trespasser if they’re annoying you. I’m essentially trespassing on Asda properly every day, but as long as i’m not causing trouble, they seem to leave me alone. Yes, i’m crap at similies and metaphors.

Tonight, i’m starting TMA05 for DD101. It’s in the format of a report, on ‘the disputed role of expert knowledge in understanding and managing risk’. I have to start the reading, but i’m also planning as I go along. So I know what goes under each heading.