Fashion Remembrance

Whilst reading my Vogue on Chanel book, indulging in her ideas and statements to match, I began to think, what will the fashion world hold high as precious as the first ever Chanel No 5, or Dior’s historic New Look collection?

From this present era of techno must haves and latest celeb team ups, maybe it will be the Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding dress, shown on everyones HD – TV – smart – phone – xBox – laptop. Mcqueen’s last collection he gave to us from his magic crafting hands is very high up on the fashion pedestal, and firmly should be. The Katrantzou’s craze i.e. the Mary Katrantzou lampshade dress with prints of bold and beautiful colour, with every high street shop having their own avant-garde version (this was the counterpart creak of the door that presented us with the peplum trend). Stella McCartney, the genius behind the London 2012 Olympic sports look, literally for the first time made me want to have a P.E. kit, but then I ironed one of my favourite day shift dresses and thoughts of P.E. were long gone. Saying that, I do think gym bags are good, if they’rein a colour that will duet an outfit well, and is also big enough for all those shopping carrier bags.

Iconic moments of culture and fashion events, with technology at hand to look back on and relive your ultimate favourite moment. Electonic devices and non – electronic resources will help teach and inspire future textiles pupils of these masterfully skilled moments, but in the future I would like to see a series of books on Britain’s high street shops, Vogue on Marks and Spencer’s, Vogue on Topshop, Vogue on New Look etc., to illustrate and demonstrate how British fashion enterprises marked the high street pavements, each in their individual way. France and Italy continue to add to their legendary lists of mannequin magicians, as well as America and the rest of Europe respectfully, with their sewing kits at hand.

British fashion is individual. We THRIVE and LUST on imagination and hem lines. The high street offers us that for a price more affordable, while saving up for couture, enabling everyone to have their own personal connection remembrance of today’s fashion era.

Lucy xx


New Year’s Eve Style At Work

This year I worked the New Year’s eve shift, and boy did I witness some outfits! Some I wish I had images to illustrate, and some thank god I don’t!

LBDs I saw a lot, some from Topshop and some from New Look, drenched in faux pearls and gold with high heels. Saw the odd jumpsuit, mostly navy and black but there was a really smart printed one, Laura Ashley would be proud of was. I was going to ask where it was from, but the customer was bit too ‘giddy’, shall we say!

Lads let themselves down in my opinion. I saw the odd few Made In Chelsea lookalikes, all suited up, but then as per usual the Lacoste polo shirts came in their thousands, teamed with jeans. Topman and Topshop did well this party season in Shrewsbury, along with Telford’s Primark.

Rumour has it that Primark wants resisdence in Shrewsbury. The up side i see to this is that Dorothy Perkins would be empty for me!

Lucy x

2013 Trend Guide – Lucy

Whilst indulging in my copy of Elle magazine and looking at all the 2013 trend previews, two caught my eye.  The first was a section explaining that this year was a print extravaganza, so the 2013 fashion antidote is simple chic focussing on cut and simple details.  Put your high street look alike Mary Katrantzou dress away in a protective costume cover, and focus on plain simple chic pieces i.e. suits from Next, Warehouse and Dorothy Perkins with accessories from Zara and Whistles, not NDubz inspired bling from New Look and Rihanna diva earrings from TopShop.

Next it focused on film inspired coming soon to a shopping centre /Asos near you, and my fave is The Great Gatsby trend, glamour splendor.  For this, simply keep your Christmas outfits, sequin dresses, clutches and metallic heels, and maybe nip to River Island or Forever21 if you want to do a Marilyn punk star look.  A flapper dress with leather jacket, instead of the usual strictly ballroom flapper dress with woollen tweed coat. 

Addtionally, after looking at all the gorgeous dresses of the year, I turned to the Elle front cover star dresses, from Gaga and McQueen in January, to Diaz and Chanel this December.  My favorite has to be JessieJ in Giles Deacon, the dress IS to me splendor and simply cut, chic.  To me this is the only dress I would POSSIBLY PERHAPS wear with … dare I type it … flats.  I’ll definitely try to find a high street twin to this dress.

I love Christmas, because we all know the sales are coming closer and closer, like the Daleks from Doctor Who coming up the stairs.

Happy Christmas everyone!

Lucy xx

Future Vintage

I have a book called Vintage Handbags, full of the most beautiful designer bags of fashion eras gone by.  The book showcases bags that have been handcrafted with the finest leather, embellished with the whitest pearls, and finished with the best metal clasps, fit for the Coco Chanel clutch wannabe.  This got me thinking, looking at my own bags.  Which one will be considered ‘vintage’ to future generations?

I am proud to say I have one bag for each day of the week.  I have 12 in fact (just counted now to check), and are a variety of River Island, House of Fraser, New Look, Topshop and free bag offers with certain fragrances.

When I walk through House of Fraser and see all the Radley bags, I examine them, feel them, mess about with the zip, these are bags that will be vintage in future, maybe to be seen on future episodes of Antiques Roadshow.  These bags represent my book, quality quality quality.  My bags are price, price, and price, they are not vintage, they are high street retail conveyor belt quality.

Vintage is either a hand me down item, bounded in a protective sheet away from dust or daddy long legs, or a very heavy price tag from Selfridges / House of Fraser.  My bags are neither, but if I were to take a chance, i’d like to think my Yumi bag would be considered vintage looking, even if its just for the print inside it.  Looking at it, I wish i’d got the matching one that went with it now too!

If this book is called ‘Vintage Handbags’, then I guess the future one would be called ‘Handbags Of The Conveyor Belt’, with a certain shop being with ‘P’ being dominant!

When I go the Fashion Heaven above, i’ll leave a note saying;

These bags are not vintage and not designer, they are high street, wear them and use them, knowing you have the original high street conveyor belt handbag.

And that’s why its vintage, because Primark went bust 😛

Lucy x