Hair Update – Rant Included

I’m sure if you dye or bleach your hair regularly, say, bi – monthly of the every other month variety, you would have heard at least once the helpful friend utter THIS –

‘You should stop dyeing your hair, it’ll all fall out!’

Now, I appreciate that may have happened to you, or a friend.  You may have had the unfortunate experience of dyeing your hair green with a box bleach.  The truth is, the worst I have ever had is when I bleached my hair and took it off too soon.  Aside from the time where I went swimming in a warm brine pool and it went really stretchy.  I have been dyeing my hair by my own hand for over ten years now, only once in a hairdressers.  I also worked in a hairdressers.  MY HAIR IS FINE.

Hair was a topic of conversation on Twitter recently.  A few of us realised we were kindred spirits, in that our hair either did not style, or could be abused to high hell and would not fall out.  Talk of 200 degree straighteners.  Hair that does not bleach.  Styles that fall out after an hour.

We are not like you.

Here is my hair update.

Renbow Capri Blue on previously bleached hair.




Cut-Out Swimsuits And Other Yucky Things

Yesterday, I had a conversation with two Twitter peoples – @ArtisanGaynor and @SuggestDigest about horrid fashion. Lucy joined in at the point were shoes were brought up, too. It started with wet – look leggings (YUCK) and ended with the defence of jelly shoes with this pair as the example –


Westwood, photo copyright Idris - George

But later, I came across this article –

A survey carried out by showed what the British public think are the top summer fashion yuckies – and I have opinions on all of them. I shall comment as I go.

1. Cut out swimsuits –
This was voted as the WORST by over 50 percent of respondents. Men AND women. I hate this current trend of missing fabric from clothes. Especially on the Midlands, where ‘the look’ is scraggy hair, hoops, clothes a size too tight and muffin toppage. No please.

2. Socks and sandals –
I have a friend who did this once. He got mocked. He never did it again. Lesson – learnt.

3. Speedos –
If you’re an Olympic swimmer, go ahead. If you’re my Dad, please, wear some shorts. You can’t carry it off.

4. Ill fitting bikinis –
Try before you buy, yeah? Changing rooms exist. I don’t need to see your boobies falling out.

5. Hawaiian Shirts –
Ok, I kinda like these. Sometimes.

6. Patriotic clothing (e.g. England shirt or Union Jack clothes –
Events, festivals, sports and celebrations. Not an advert saying ‘I AM BRITISH AND HERE TO GET PISSED’.

7. Sun visors –
They still make these?

8. Maxi dresses –
I’m too short for these. There’s an extra foot of fabric trailing behind me. I’d love to, but i’m bitter. Suits people with darker skin more. White people, beware.

9. Oversized hats –
HEY! I have one of those!

10. Wedges –
These are the only heels I can walk in 😦 kind of walk on 😥 OK I can’t walk in heels. Shush.


Eurovision Time!

Tonight is Eurovision.

With the exception of reading tweets from my friend Tim B, who is a ‘reality TV trader’, I tend to keep away from the run up to Eurovision.  I like the ‘newness’ of watching and hearing the songs for the first time.  It also takes away that thing of the more you hear a song, the more you like it.

Or hate it, it goes both ways.

Tonight, I shall be watching along with my friends. This happens every year.  We haven’t made it a meetup event for a long time, with one thing or another.  This year, I appear to have flu in May.  God knows how.  But people will be on Facebook, Twitter and text so we can slate people to our heart’s content.

Lucy will be on text, Mr S will be on Twitter, as i’m sure a few others will, and Magda will be on Facebook.  Maybe this year, I won’t have to unfriend some idiot for moaning about my updates and statuses, even though they do it every year for X Factor.  And Britain’s Got Talent.  And that other one.

Apparently, that’s OK though.


Vapestick Review

As I sit here typing, I am surrounded by a cloud of smoke…

Well, not exactly.  I’m surrounded by a cloud of VAPOUR.  What real clouds are made of.  This is because I have recently been sent a box of these –



Don’t look at my reflection! Please!

People who have met me in real life know that I am a smoker.  Well, I was.  I am now joining the ever -expanding group of ‘vapers’, people who ‘smoke’ using electronic cigarettes.

I won a Vapestick starter kit on Twitter a few weeks back in a retweet – this – and – win – maybe situation.  I was so damn impressed by my kit that I requested some of the items in the picture above to review for W&W.  By the time I had been in possession of my Vapestick a week, I had almost completely made the switch from smoking to vapeing, using cartomisers containing varying amounts of nicotine that are screwed onto rechargeable batteries.  They even come in a range of flavours!

I requested these because they contain absolutely no nicotine, the ingredients only being a candy flavouring and propylene glycol, a chemical that is approved as a food additive and has a very low level of toxicity (it pretty much has to be injected to make you ill).  I loved their flavoured cartomisers that contain nicotine, and I wondered if I could get on with none at all.  Also, with the complete lack of nicotine content, I thought Lucy might be able to get in on the review.  However, we could not meet up soon enough for the review to get dome in a reasonable time.

So, after a really annoying trip to the Royal Mail sorting office, as Vapestick send their items ‘Signed For’, and my postman has an allergy to my doorbell, I got my v -shisha, which are meant to simulate the flavour of a hookah pipe.  I wasn’t even out the sorting office drive before I opened the package and had a good look, and a vape.  And I have to say, the flavours are amazing!

The taste is strong, but not overly powerful, and doesn’t have the tobacco undertone.  I described it to someone as if some squash had been vapourised and poured into my lungs!  There are five flavours included – strawberry, peach, apple, grape and blueberry.  My favourite is the peach one.  I have a bit of difficulty seeing a big difference between the grape and blueberry, even though you can tell there is a difference between the two.  The only true downside I could find against the v – shishas, and e – cigarettes in general, is that propylene glycol does act as a humectant, which from my soapmaking I have learnt means it attracts water.  This means that it can make some parts of your mouth or throat feel dry if you overdo it.


All the colours

All the flavours in the box



And the tip is made of cut glass, so when the blue LED shines as you use it, the light refracts beautifully.  Sadly, it’s really hard to take a photo of in use, so here is a picture of the sparkly glass –


Sparkly glass tip

Sparkly glass tip


I highly recommend ANY of the Vapestick products.  I’d heard about them from Twitter, from my friend @heavenlyink.  It was she who alerted me to the retweet competition, and to the company in general.  It has now been just over three weeks since I received my first Vapestick, and just over two weeks since I received my v – shisha.  I keep my v – shisha as a ‘treat’, I wouldn’t use them all the time as I want them to last as long as possible as they are disposable.  I have smoked since receiving my kits, but because of poor planning – not remembering to charge the e – cigarette!  It has been over a week now since I have smoked, I am fully committed to vapeing.  It seems the most obvious choice for continuing smoking without killing yourself with toxins.  I don’t have to check if I have a lighter (and whether it works), if this bus stop is a no – smoking area (vapeing is legal anywhere, though companies can set their own policies), and i’m not spending ridiculous amounts on tobacco.  I could easily spend less than £10 and be fully stocked on Vapesticks for over a week.  I also don’t need to find an ashtray, a bin, or even need to worry about whether it has gone out properly.

I will be setting up a subscription to Vapestick when my tax refund clears – i’m running out of cartomisers with nicotine!  I think i’ll get the cherry ones…


Electronic cigarettes are currently surrounded by a bit of a furore in the EU countries, as the EU want to make them a pharmaceutical product, an aid to quitting, and therefore will fall under several restrictions and probably tax implications too.  Many people, and the companies that make them, want these e – cigarettes to be classed as an ‘alternative to smoking’, and I fall into this category.  Therefore, I must point out that these are an ALTERNATIVE.

You can see and buy Vapestick products on their website here.  They are also available in some shops, including Tesco.  Their customer service over Twitter is also brilliant.  Find them at Vapestick on Twitter.