Hair Update – New Hair!


I had a haircut! It needs dyeing though. Yuck boring.


Blue, Purple, Blue, Green

Here’s an update from the past month then…

Here is April 13th, testing new colours –



Testing, testing… Renbow shades Capri blue (No.44) and Cyclamen (No.41)

This was followed by April 16th –


Renbow No. 44 Capri Blue

But then by April 27th, it looked like this –

Washed out

It’s kinda gone green…

So, that’s been this month’s hair dye.  I also mixed my own bleach for the first time, some random brand called TruLites.  It worked well, I shall buy more.


Quick Update


We’re sorry for the lack of posts in the last week, George has worked four days out of the last seven (with Sunday off) doing twelve hour shifts, and also trying to get her business off the ground, and Lucy has also been quite busy with her job doing the late shift. We have many things coming up though, including a book review, makeup reviews, and general chitchat. We will be back on track soon though!

We haven’t gone away.