Fashion Remembrance

Whilst reading my Vogue on Chanel book, indulging in her ideas and statements to match, I began to think, what will the fashion world hold high as precious as the first ever Chanel No 5, or Dior’s historic New Look collection?

From this present era of techno must haves and latest celeb team ups, maybe it will be the Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding dress, shown on everyones HD – TV – smart – phone – xBox – laptop. Mcqueen’s last collection he gave to us from his magic crafting hands is very high up on the fashion pedestal, and firmly should be. The Katrantzou’s craze i.e. the Mary Katrantzou lampshade dress with prints of bold and beautiful colour, with every high street shop having their own avant-garde version (this was the counterpart creak of the door that presented us with the peplum trend). Stella McCartney, the genius behind the London 2012 Olympic sports look, literally for the first time made me want to have a P.E. kit, but then I ironed one of my favourite day shift dresses and thoughts of P.E. were long gone. Saying that, I do think gym bags are good, if they’rein a colour that will duet an outfit well, and is also big enough for all those shopping carrier bags.

Iconic moments of culture and fashion events, with technology at hand to look back on and relive your ultimate favourite moment. Electonic devices and non – electronic resources will help teach and inspire future textiles pupils of these masterfully skilled moments, but in the future I would like to see a series of books on Britain’s high street shops, Vogue on Marks and Spencer’s, Vogue on Topshop, Vogue on New Look etc., to illustrate and demonstrate how British fashion enterprises marked the high street pavements, each in their individual way. France and Italy continue to add to their legendary lists of mannequin magicians, as well as America and the rest of Europe respectfully, with their sewing kits at hand.

British fashion is individual. We THRIVE and LUST on imagination and hem lines. The high street offers us that for a price more affordable, while saving up for couture, enabling everyone to have their own personal connection remembrance of today’s fashion era.

Lucy xx


Presents And Books!

The new Camilla Morton fashion fairytale is The Emperor’s New Clothes! I really want to get it ASAP but looking at Waterstones, its not out in the UK yet ūüė¶ A good excuse to fly to the USA to get it I reckon ūüôā Mum has got me all my crimbo pressies now, including a Vogue on Chanel book but I admit i’m more excited about the Disney princess little mermaid, Ariel and Eric dolls ūüôā They are going to stay neat and tidy in the boxes, like my beauty and the beast pair. Even more excitingly, i’ve spotted a Disney bag in my nan’s room too! I’m refusing to be tempted to look in the bag, maybe possibly a sneak peek perhaps . . . or not . . . no, i’m not gonna be tempted . . . Lucy x

Cocktails And Courts: Gearing up for Graduation

I¬†worked¬†out today while job hunting and selecting my music library¬†to go on random¬†that it is now 4 weeks till¬†graduation, and I have the perfect¬†shoes, but I can’t work out which dress to choose!¬† I have a number of¬†cocktail¬†dresses, and its so¬†hard¬†to choose.

My shoes, which are in the form of courts (which are not¬†stilettos¬†for a change to be smart and simple, the reason being the high heel version didn’t¬†have my size), are a rosy pink shade and have got a gorgeous (fake, obviously) diamond at the front.¬† They’re very Kate¬†Middleton style, from reliable Debenhams in¬†Manchester, where I discovered¬†I fitted a 6 and half shoe rather than my normal 5 and a half like im used to having.

As Georgina will tell you, me in a shoe department is like a kid in a sweet shop, and I was so tempted to get the navy, silver, and red versions, but no, I stood my ground and went with the delicate rose pink shade because, basically, I dont have enough pink shades in my opinion.


I have a white and black dress with a floral print and a rose and black dress, both from H&M 2 years ago, additionally I have a Coast dress that is like mythical woodland, slightly more grown up Alice in Wonderland with the greens, golds and chestnut brown.  My classic timeless little black dress (which has made an appearance in an earlier entry with the bull companion lol) and finally my cream and black dress from Selfridges in Birmingham.  That is my cocktail collection, and each one WILL match my courts.

I adore¬†trends but¬†sometimes¬†it’s fun to make your own individual trend work, using Elle, Vogue and Harper as¬†moodboards,¬†taking out images you like best, and creating YOUR trend.

My touches will be my white pearl earrings, my dice eyebrow bar and River Island bag I got for my birthday.¬† DEFINITE.¬† Maybe thats what my trend is, it’s a not – matching – not – going – together – right trend, delicacy from the shoes the bag and earrings with the dark harshness of the¬†LBD, or the mythical Alice Coast dress.

Lucy Xx

It’s Not Vogue and Elle, It’s Ennis and Bolt!

The Olympics are here, which does result in the athlete uniform being
the MUST HAVE in the wardrobe.¬† Cycling shorts (cringe big time, i’m a
pear shape so these are my enemy), vests and jogging trousers are in all the high street shops.¬† Does this mean chav clothing is stylish??????¬† Sports magazines are the new Elle and Vogue, and the athletes are taking over the beauty adverts.¬† Jessica Ennis is at Olay, and the women’s swimming team are doin PR for the latest shaver.¬†

I’ll take part in this trend, but only the vests (as part of my pjs) cos it is so hot at the moment!¬† No trackies for me, proud to say I own none ūüôā¬† It’s brill having the Olympics in Britain, Stella has done an ace job with the TeamGB kit.¬† It’s a bit too close in some body area places for my liking, but athletes are fit, lyrca is like cotton to them.

It’s going to be hard finding a shop that doesn’t have the sport trend, one that has stuck to the classic summer styles of dresses and denim.¬† Actually, I bet Marks and Spencers will, unless they get Twiggy in the lyrca TeamGB kit!¬† I highly doubt taht to be honest.

I like the Olympics.  I think of Greece, I think of Olympia, which leads me to Hercules, to short floaty Grecian style summer dresses.

I wonder which athlete will take Cole’s spot on the L’Oreal advert????? Athletes are the new models, but for how long?¬† And will Danny Boyle’s opening ceremony be as spectacular as Karl’s roundabout for Chanel?

Lucy xx