Montagne Jeunesse Blemish Mud Mask – Aloe And Willow

Another mask day rewiew!

I actually used this on Saturday, but I always try to leave it a few days, in case any side effects happen a few days afterwards (like the excessive oil production with one of the other masks).


This was a mud mask sent to me by Mystic. Gosh, she sent me so much stuff!

I was already in the shower when I decided to use a mask, so I pretty much just grabbed a random one. I had no specific need that morning. I opened it and noticed it smelled overwhelmingly ‘green’, of trees and plants, the way they smell after the rain when they have been mushed up a bit – just green. It wasn’t pleasant, but it wasn’t super horrid, so I went with it.

Just over ten minutes (or, in actual fact, two and a half Aerosmith songs) later, I rinsed it away. This was much easier in the shower than it is when i’m not in it!

My face was a little red, probably caused a bit the warm sponge, and a little from the product itself, but after it calmed down, I took a good look in the mirror.

My face was lovelt and clean. Smooth, shint (maybe a little too much), and no residue at all. I used my Garnier moisturiser and went about my day. By Saturday night, no breakouts had happened, and my face is still behaving, my skin still felt great.

Comments on new Garnier moisturiser to come!


International Swap – Meg

Another swap time! These are becoming a monthly thing…

This swap was with Meg in Michigan. I’d asked for OCC Lip Tars, which I have been lusting after for ages, and pop tarts, as the UK selection is poor. Awful. Abysmal. She asked for crispy M&Ms, if I could find them, and Paperchase ephemera.

I sent away a box of Paperchase goodies, much more than I usually would have been able to send due to the UK now participating in Black Friday sales  and added in a few Kinder chocolates (not the eggs), and some Milky Way Crispy Rolls. And then I waited.

My parcel arrived on Friday –




And she had wrapped each item like a present!


These were all my goodies!

. A card



. Red Velvet Pop Tarts – requested any flavour

. EOS lip balms – requested


. EOS cucumber hand cream


. Lip Tar – requested


. Dr. Pepper sweets

. Air Heads candy


. Smith’s lip balm

. Peeps marshmallow snowman


. Almond M&Ms – requested


. Birthday cake M&Ms – requested

This was a brilliant swap, and it has given me so many more things to review and enjoy! America has so many different varieties of familiar things, it makes swaps exciting!


Tony Moly Hello Bunny Perfume Bar

This is one of the items that Mystic ordered for me, I briefly discussed her ordering Korean cosmetics for us in this post.


Look at the packaging! SQUEE!


Here it is out of the box. A plastic bunny with little ears!


When you take the cap off, there is a plastic cap that keeps your stick of perfume clean.


And when you take the top off, you can twist uo the bar to rub the perfume on your wrists.

Mystic bought this for me from a seller on eBay called sing-sing-girl, it was just over £5.


The scent I asked for and received was Coco Floral, which is a talcy, mildly flowery scent, described by the company Tony Moly as a ‘subtle, feminine, floral scent’. I’m not good with flowers, so I can’t pin it down, but it isn’t very rosey and definitely not lavender, but it is a light smell, not a heavy, deep scent.

It’s a lovely scent, which lasts around three hours at work. I put some on my wrists before I put the gloves on and a few days later I could still smell it in the fabric.

Well worth the money. And the wait for shipping  🙂

Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum

My friend Mystic put in an order a few weeks ago for our new minor obsession – Korean cosmetics. For each full size item, they sent at least one sample. So a few of these came to me.

I don’t have a photo of all the things she sent me. There was many things.

This is one such thing –


Innisfree The Green tea Seed Serum.


From Shop At Korea

Product Description !

This nutrient-moisturizing serum creates a dewy and clear complexion as the seed ingredients harvested from the organic green tea gardens in Jeju island intensively hold onto skin moisture and the natural hydrating betaine ingredients promote moisture synthesis within skin layers. 

There was enough in this sample to last three days, so I got a good go at sampling it over a small period of time.

It was really nice to put on, it was absorbed very quickly and seemed to add an extra level of non – sweaty moisture to my face. I like serums, of the few (two) I have tried they have been more beneficial than they have been hassle. I noticed a bit of a scent, I can’t quite place it. Some others have said it is citrusy, but i’m not sure…

I did notice over the days I used it, I did not break out. It was certainly good for the moisturising properties, but some sites are selling it £16 for 80ml, and this is not the kind of price range I am used to shopping in. If I could find it for less, I would be tempted.

Marks lost for price, but aces product.

International Swap – Bakhtawar

I completed another swap a few weeks ago, with Bakhtawar 😆 she lives in Lahore, so it was going to be a very exciting swap!

There was a lot of stress around this swap. Royal Mail would only track on the UK side of the swap, and wanted £5 for the privilege, so I decided not to track. The Pakistan post office would track it, but their tracking site went down two or three times a week. On top of this, religious holidays and weekends slowed down delivery, and one parcel spent ages at the airport waiting to go.

The day B’s parcel was supposed to arrive at my house, the delivery driver didn’t knock the door, so the parcel did not arrive. I got home from work and found a card on the hall floor saying delivery had been attempted, but the person who was home had not heard any knocking. It would be at the post office the following day for me to pick up.

Iphoned up the courier and tried to get them to turn the driver round. They have done it before, but not on this occasion. I was due bck in work at 4pm, so I took a chance and went to the post office at 3pm to see if the driver had dropped the parcel off at the end of his round.

Luckily, it was there!

So I took my parcel to work, and then home at 6pm when I was done.


Pakistan post their parcels in fabric bags. This I was unprepared for.


And sealed with wax at the top!


Some food did not make it.


Some jewellery did. There is another ring, but I need a much better photo of it.


Some nail fruits!


Lots of makeup. I didn’t tell her I love eyeliner though! She must be psychic!

I also received a salwar kameez set, the traditional dress and trousers combo you will be familiar with seeing if you live in a UK city, and a beautiful huge kaftan and some scarves. I neglected to take photos of these, I was too busy with all the other stuff!

I need to sew the sleeves onto the kameez, as it is much too cold in the UK to wear without sleeves, and when I do, I shall take a proper photo.


Another Parcel From Kitty

So, last week I received another parcel from Kitty. It arrived on the 8th, but I haven’t been able to blog about it properly until today as work, study, and life just seems to have taken me over this week.

I had bought some of Kitty’s unwanted Memebox items off her. If you don’t know what Memebox is, go clicky linky and take a look. It’s like a non – subscription form of a subscription box from Korea, and it usually contains the most adorable things you could imagine. Or, just really useful stuff. Go look!

I did not photo the outside of the packaging. Nobody needs to know my address. But this was the box inside –


One of her repurposed Memeboxes 😀

I had bought a few things, maybe six, seven things, so when I opened the box –


– it looked pretty full!

I have seen a lot of people talk about these Shara Shara sheet masks, so I am excited to try one. It was a nice surprise as I hadn’t bought one from her!


There are sheet masks, a clay mask, eye creams, a lip tint, lip essences, eyeliners, a primer, more eyeliner, a small roller of perfume, and some miniatures.

I had asked for the perfume for Lucy’s Christmas present, but I gave it to her Wednesday in Maccys. Because.

I hope to review almost all of these, so there’s plenty more posts to come! Oh dear! I’m getting a few too many lip products now!

Hopefully Lucy will review her perfume, when she isn’t busy setting up her amazing new cross stitch chart business. We are both businesswomen now!